This Tuesday I, and a friend John Smith are leaving on a 3,700 mile bicyle trip to Portland, Maine. It will take 2 months and we will average 70 miles each day. We will camp each night and will carry everything we need on our bikes. We don’t have a support vehicle, but no problem because we have cell coverage the entire trip except for about 50 miles and I have a rider on my AAA coverage that covers bicycles.

One day to get everything needed for the trip packed into my panniers or saddle bags. I have two in the front and two in the back. The front two will weight 10 lbs. each and the back ones will weigh 15 lbs each and there will be an additional 10 lbs. with my tent on the top of the back bags and the stuff in my handle bar bag, so 60 lbs total. That slows me down about 3 miles an hour.

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