Wow, summer is almost over, seems like we just got started. We had a great work day this past Saturday on the new building and we will have one next Saturday as well. We will start this Saturday at 8am and be finished at noon. There will be a fair amount of painting this week as well as some cleaning.
I am continuing this weekend with the message centered on "bearing much fruit"; how to make it happen in your own life, and how to really enjoy being a highly productive person following the guidelines that Jesus gave His own disciples days before his death on the cross.
Disciples are the ones who bear fruit for Jesus. They are the ones Jesus does His work through. They are the ones Jesus calls "friends". They are the ones who have major prayer power. They are the ones that the Holy Spirit works most powerfully in and through. I think it is cool that our new building is being called the "DiscipleshipCenter", the place where disciples are made.









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