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To establish a mentor-in-residence of qualified men who have expressed a desire to plant a church in Oregon.
•    They must be willing to make a 2yr commitment
•    They must live in Jefferson and attend Jefferson Baptist Church
•    They must be engaged in some type of ministry at Jefferson Baptist Church.
•    They meet with Pastor Dee at least 4hrs per week.
•    They must take/have taken Pastor Dee’s Men’s leadership class





•    They must meet the requirements of First Timothy 3:1-7.
•    They must have demonstrated a passion for ministry.
•    They must have demonstrated an effective ability to lead other people in some capacity.
•    They must be coachable.
•    They must have at least a high school diploma
•    They must have an affinity for hard work.




The Jefferson Baptist Church congregation is willing to come alongside these men for the duration of their residence at Jefferson Baptist Church by:
•    Praying for them specifically
•    Providing for housing, depending upon need
•    Providing employment depending upon on need and aptitude




The residence program will charge no tuition to the participant. The payment of the resident to Jefferson Baptist Church incorporates:
1.    Effective ministry
2.    Capacity to work hard
3.    Willingness to work to support themselves
4.    Commitment to a church plant in Oregon upon completion of the program





Since the year 2000, Jefferson Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Dee Duke, has embarked upon a church planting ministry in the mid Willamette Valley. Agape Community Church, which was established in the year 2000, is located in South Albany on Hwy. 99. Turning Point was established in 2003, in Turner, Oregon. Doxology had its seeds planted at the Jefferson Baptist Church and launched in 2006 in Corvallis and Journey was established in 2009. Grace Bible Fellowship began in Stayton in Fall 2011, and Way of Life Fellowship began its ministry to South Salem in Fall 2013.
Coupled with this experience, the Great Commandment Seminar is conducted at Jefferson Baptist Church every January by Pastor Dee. Participants range around 250 and come from all parts of the west coast of the United States and across the country. The principal emphasis of the seminar is developing prayer ministries in churches. The ministry also incorporates a number of leadership principles.
For over 25 years, Pastor Dee has also conducted a men’s leadership course at Jefferson Baptist Church. The course typically includes ten members and incorporates leadership, personal development, goal setting and Christian Principles that men incorporate into their ministries, their homes and their work. Dee has also been working with variety of pastors (four groups) for the past several years in helping to encourage and support them in their individual ministries in churches around the state of Oregon and across the country.
The experience that Dee has had in Jefferson Baptist Church, both in leadership development and church planning, places him in a unique position to expand the mentoring of new men coming in to ministry who have a desire to plant a church somewhere in Oregon.




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