2017 VBS Leader Training


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Theme: MAKER FUN FACTORY: Created by God for a purpose!

  Date: June 26th – 30th

  Time: Kids 9:00 am –Noon; 

  * Leaders 8:15 am-12:30 pm


Goals: 400 kids, 80 teens,

  120 adults, 45 salvations, $3,000 in pennies

  Bible Point: Each time, shout “Wow, God!”   and hold up all 10 fingers

  Penny Offering: will go to Jennie’s School   in Liberia towards building a new school.   Penny offering contest starts on Tuesday   of VBS, not Monday


Day 1:

Bible Point: God made you

Bible Story: God lovingly creates people. Ps 139 & Gen 1:26-2:4

Bible Verse: “Thank You for making me so wonderfully complex!” Ps 139:14

KidVid: Robotics team works on complex creations & shares how they are complex creatures made by God.

Bible Buddy: Decker – a decorating crab who likes to comouflage his shell with lots of pretty found items. Reminds that God made you just by speaking!


Day 2:

Bible Point: God is for you

Bible Story: Rahab believes in God’s power. Joshua 1-2

Bible Verse: “If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” Rom 8:31

KidVid: Addy has to conquer her fears and trust God as she jumps, balances & flips on horseback!

Bible Buddy: Tina Termite – She is small, but builds strong towers that last a long time. When you are feeling small, she reminds you that God is for you!


Day 3:

Bible Point: God is always with you

Bible Story: God is with Gideon. Judges 6:11-7:25

Bible Verse: “The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

KidVid: Austin, Josh, & Alex built a buddy bench for kids in their school so no one would feel left out.

Bible Buddy: Bubba – a humpback whale that makes a bubble net with air to help round up food. Even though you can’t see God, He is all around us. You can trust that God is always with you!


Day 4:

Bible Point: God will always love you

Bible Story: Jesus dies & comes back to life! Luke 22:66-24:12

Bible Vs: “Your unfailing love will last forever.” Ps 89:2

KidVid: Kyle was sad when he found out he had diabetes, but he knows God always loves him.

Bible Buddy: Skyler is a bowerbird who builds a hideaway nest that has the best things to attract a mate. God gave His best to you when He sent His Son. He wants you to remember that God will always love you!


Day 5:

Bible Point: God made you for a reason

Bible Story: Abigail brings peace. I Sam. 25

Bible Vs: “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.” Jeremiah 29:11

KidVid: Max knows that God made him with an incredible mind for science and he can use that gift to do big things!

Bible Buddy: Abbee is a rare bee with a crafty side. They make special pods for their larva. It’s a practical place for their babies with everything they need until they hatch; everything is there for a reason. That reminds us that God made you for a reason.




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