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Date Title Series/Title Speaker Notes
12/10/17 Is Your God too Small? pt 3 Mike Dedera
12/10/17 Theology Spiritual Warfare - The Sword of the Spirit Mike Dedera
12/3/17 Is Your God too Small? pt 2 Mike Dedera
12/3/17 Theology Spiritual Warfare - The Helmet of Salvation Mike Dedera
11/26/17 Theology Spiritual Warfare - The Shield of Faith Mike Dedera
11/26/17 8am Kingdom Class Dee Duke
11/19/17 10 Principles for Living a Successful Life Dee Duke
11/19/17 8am Kingdom Class Dee Duke
11/18/17 Women's Breakfast: Body Image Dr. Julie Gilbert
11/05/17 Is Your God too Small? pt 1 Mike Dedera
11/05/17 Theology Spiritual Warfare week 8 Mike Dedera








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