Casting Call

Sunday, Aug. 13 @ 2pm on the Stage

(callbacks may also be held on evening of Aug 14)

Casting for: The Hobbit

Performance Dates: December 15, 16, 17

Rehearsal Schedule: Rehearsals begin Sunday, September 10th


Character List:

  • Bilbo
  • Gandalf
  • Thorin

(the rest of the roles will be double-cast (you will likely be playing multiple roles):

  • Trolls (3)
  • Elves (Elrond, Wood-Elf King, 4 Elf guards)
  • Goblins (Great Goblin & 2nd Goblin)
  • Lord of the Eagles
  • Beorn (skinchanger, bear-like)
  • Bard (captain of Laketown archers)
  • Laketown Guards (2)
  • Gollum (underground creature, creepy)
  • Master of Esgaroth (Prosperous, smug, self-congratulatory)
  • Smaug (a dragon)



Prepare/memorize a short monologue. Please come prepared! “Cold reads” (when you have not seen the script before) most often result in a less natural performance which may lead to being cast in a lesser role).              

(if you do not have one, here are some ideas/options: [Men's Monologue ideas]  [Women's Monologue ideas]


Also please review these Hobbit Script pieces, based on which character you are interested in, as we may ask you to read them opposite other actors as a part of your audition. These pages do not need to be memorized, but reviewing them is a good idea!

[Bilbo, Thorin, Gandalf script]

["Creature Role" (Troll, Elf, Beorn, Bard, Gollum) script]

[Female role (learn the Eagle part) script]



Questions? Can't make it to auditions and would like to schedule an alternate time?  Contact the director, Chris Whitfield at

503-910-7355 or