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This weekend we are excited to host speakers from the Institute for Christian Research (ICR) at Jefferson Baptist. Visit the Event Info Page to register for the viewing party and for more details!


Saturday, August 19             

7pm— Dr. Jim Johnson—Worship Service   How do the Sun & Moon “Rule” the Earth?


Sunday, August 20                

9am—  Dr. Jim Johnson—Worship Service   What Does Genesis Say about the Sun & Moon?


10:15am   Dr. Jim Johnson—Sunday School  Mount St Helens, Grand Canyon, the Genesis Flood


11:30am  Dr. Jim Johnson—Worship Service  What Does Genesis Say about the Sun & Moon?


6pm    Dr. Jake Hebert—The Greater Light to Rule the Day:  Our Created Sun


Monday, August 21

8:30am Solar Eclipse Viewing Party @ Jefferson Baptist with Dr. Hebert & Dr. Johnson









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